What is the character used for the verb to sweat? 汗をかく

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The kanji is 掻. Let me describe how you can check.

When you type the expression in with your IME, often a dictionary with appear with usage information. On my system, when I type かく, to the side a window with details on 掻く, 書く, 描く, and 搔く appears. For 掻く it says: (頭・あぐら・汗・いびき・裏・寝首・恥・べそを)⇒かく *掻く:常用外 *簡易慣用字体

Note arrow suggesting that it be written in hiragana. Also note the * which indicates that it is not included in basic kanji, and hence is not typically written in kanji.

Also, the dictionary is often useful. Quote:


② 涙や汗などをからだの外に出す。「寝汗を―・く」「べそを―・く」

Note the × before the headword. This indicates that it is not generally written in kanji. Same details as above.

  • Thanks for that. (my IME didn't have sweat come up under this character which is why I asked.)
    – paullb
    Nov 8, 2012 at 0:45

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