I found this in 大辞林 for ガキ:

I know that the appropriate definition is probably:

俗に,子供の意。 In slang, has the meaning of kid

But I always love to read the definitions with the (仏) in them:


I have a bit of problems with this part (in bold). Firstly the meaning of 針のよう (appearance/feeling of a needle?). And also 細い which is in adverb form 細く - what verb is it modifying here?


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Slightly too long for a comment.

You're interpreting のよう too literally. Xのように is a common grammar construct. It is an adverbial phrase that means "like X". So のどは針のように細く means "the throat is thin like a needle".

On the other hand 細く is not adverbial. Please see the link I added to your question for an explanation of that.

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