From a definition of 降り続く:


If you boil this down to 雨が続けて降る it appears to make no sense if you consider 続ける as a transitive verb. What's going on?

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    It looks like an adverb.
    – Jimmy Yang
    Jan 22, 2022 at 21:07

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This 続けて is "continuously" that modifies 降る.

This is a te-form used like an adverb to modify how the action described by the second verb is done. 続けて can be remembered almost as a distinct adverb, but you can read the following questions for grammatical explanations:


I believe it is related to the construction

Stem+続ける which can be attached even to intransitive verbs.

I guess maybe it's just an inverted version of 降り続ける.

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