https://8-burger.com/ lists its premium burger as having BudoGyuu 100%-jusshi. I didn't find this term on Linguee and Google translate.

Could anyone explain this term fully?

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    It seems like the explanation you found covers it pretty well... what else did you want to know?
    – Leebo
    Jan 22, 2022 at 9:39
  • How about a primary source? Jan 29, 2022 at 23:22

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葡萄牛 "Grape cows" are grown on designated farms that meet strict internationally recognized standards in Australia's vast lands and abundant wilderness. Australia is world-famous for producing wine, but as the name suggests, "grape beef" is a branded beef that has been carefully raised for a long time by eating grape lees squeezed at a winery. Beef raised on a special feed is a juicy meat that is soft and tasty, and slightly sweet.

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