I was listening to a song (ロジックエージェント) and these lyrics came up:


I assume that ては means 枯れるのは

Is that correct?

I know ては can mean If/When but I don't think this is the case here. Some other parts of the song say 重ねては声, which to me sounds like 重ねるのは声.


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As pointed out in the comment section, this ては should be part of the AてはB construction. The first line says every time something "withered" or "ran out", this person have grown his/her mental discomfort/confusion.

So what is the subject of 枯れる? The lyrics have nothing to do with growing plants, so I guess the subject of 枯れる is his/her memory or passion. 枯れる can be used with words like 涙, 思い and 情熱 as the subject. The lyrics of this song are fairly vague, but I can say this person is gradually losing past memories with 君.

  • Thank you! I confirmed with a native and she said it really implies a 「声を出す/声をあげる」。as well as the ては。。。て construction.
    – Manab
    Jan 23, 2022 at 17:41

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