I came across the following dialogue in manga where a guy is apologizing to a girl.

A: さっきは責めるようなこと言って悪かったな。

B: ...は!? まだ諦めてなかったの?...っていうか。この中途半端な時間から...

A: いいからいいから!あと一回だけオレに付き合ってくれ!

I've been searching everywhere but can't find something that explains what 中途半端な時間 means in this context. Literally it translates to something like "from this half-assed time" which makes no sense. Am I missing something?

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中途半端な時間 usually refers the time between meals, i.e. non-mealtime. The following line goes:

C'mon! C'mon! Come with me just one more time!

The context doesn't make it clear if this is an invitation to lunch/dinner, but it most likely is. That is why the other person, B, says この中途半端な時間から...

So A invites B to lunch/dinner. But it's not usual lunchtime or dinnertime, so B's objection is "wait, at this hour?" And that is responded to with A's persuasive いいから! and あと一回だけオレに付き合ってくれ!

Edit: Per @naruto's comment, the phrase 中途半端な時間 itself has broader meanings.

  • That's right! It is an invitation to lunch actually! And your translation makes total sense. However I'm still not sure what the から at the end is supposed to be doing there lol.
    – leosan
    Jan 20 at 19:21
  • 1
    @leosan Have you heard people say 今から? Like 今から寝ます = I'm going to bed now. Time + から indicates an action is going to take place starting at that time.
    – Eddie Kal
    Jan 20 at 19:26
  • 1
    This happens to be correct since the context is related to lunch, but 中途半端な時間 refers to a bit unusual/inconvenient time for doing something in general. 中途半端な時間に目が覚めた may refer to, say, 4:30 am, and 中途半端な時間に昼食を食べたからまだおなかが空いてない may refer to 15:00. Of course you cannot eat lunch between meals.
    – naruto
    Jan 20 at 23:19

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