The translation I was going for was "(there's) too many books." I wrote 「本が多いすぎる」but autocorrect changed it to 「本が多すぎる」.

I then tried to use a na-adjective instead of an i-adjective, writing 「彼女は静かすぎる」"she's too quiet" and there is no な after 静か, so it looks to be the same pattern. Why does this happen?

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すぎる takes the stem of an I-adjective, Na-adjective.

The stem of I-adjectives are obtained by getting rid of い: 多い turns into simply 多

The stem of Na-adjectives are obtained by getting rid of な: 静かな turns into 静か.

You can read more about this on How to use すぎる by MAGGIE SENSEI

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