I read the definition of the word 報酬:


I am a bit unsure if the 物の is the "rentaishi" as jisho list it as, or if the の is making a noun phrase.

I appreciate it if someone could clarify.

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I think this 物 is just "thing(s)", and 物の使用 is "use/consumption of things". 報酬 normally refers to the compensation for services/labor, but maybe someone who wrote this thought 報酬 also refers to the compensation for items used (e.g., 医療材料費 of 診療報酬).

ものの as a rentaishi is usually written in hiragana, and is preceded by a number or such. For example, ものの10分 means "no more than 10 minutes" or "just 10 minutes", and ものの数人 means "only a few people".

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