I don't know what does とろんと mean here ,and i can only understand 溶け means "something is melting" Please someone explain to me ,thank you o/

  • I would guess とろん is the adverb.
    – Simon
    Jan 3 at 19:49
  • It is a variant of とろり. Essentially it does not add any meaning and the whole phrase just means melt and/melting.
    – sundowner
    Jan 4 at 0:03

とろん(と) is an adverb that is roughly the same as とろとろ(と) or とろりと. It describes how something melts into a semi-solid form. Imagine melting chocolate.

Related: How are the giongo/gitaigo double form and tto form related (きらきら vs. きらっと)

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    As a resident of Toronto, I'm not sure how to feel about this. Jan 4 at 1:00

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