I read the definition for the noun 雑用.


I understand that the と particle here is modifying the verb する. So my question is if parsing the sentence like this is correct:


My question is what type of adverb would いろいろのこまごま be? Maybe my parsing of the sentence is wrong?


It's parsed like いろいろの(こまごまとした用事).

こまごま(と) is an adverb, and thus it cannot be directly modified by いろいろの ("various"). いろいろのこまごま makes no sense when isolated like this. Here, こまごまとした modifies 用事 first, forming a noun phrase:

  • 用事 things to do
  • こまごまとした用事 miscellaneous things to do

Check this question to see what this とした is doing: Meaning of (と)した in やんわりとした暖房

  • Thanks for the explanation!
    – firuvi
    Jan 4 at 6:14

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