From a book:


As far as I'm concerned, やさしい can mean either easy or gentle. However, the kanji used for each is different: 易しい and 優しい, respectively. That is, you wouldn't use 優しい in あの問題は優しい, right?


This is almost certainly an erratum.

The Kojien dictionary explicitly mentions that the meaning of 'easy' is written as 易しい:

(「易しい」と書く) 簡単である。容易である。

Wikipedia agrees, for whatever that is worth. What book is this from?

  • Sorry for the late response: books.google.com.mx/…. There's a digital index, click on "Opposites", and scroll down two pages from there.
    – Nameless
    Dec 23 '21 at 0:36

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