In this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8JEvkDc48M&t=2m37s

In this game (unlike previous ones), the characters speak, so it's really easy

And then in the opening theme (movie) or whatever you would call it,

it recaps what happened in X5, which helps.

OK, let's go!

But: https://jisho.org/search/toriaezu


  1. first of all; at once; right away​

  2. for now; for the time being​


The adverbial 取り合えず is not easy to translate in some contexts. I think it may help if you understand it as "anyway" or "for now". This usage sets aside what has just been said and starts a new topic that's unrelated or semi-related to the previous topic.

Let me give you my rendering of the middle section:

しかも、オープニングテーマっていうのかな? あれの…オープニングテーマでいいのかな? ま、とりあえずそこでX5が、で何が起こったかっていうのも、あらすじ言ってくれるんでね。助かりますね。
Moreover, in the... is that the opening animation? Can we call that the opening animation? Anyway, you see X5 in there, or if anything at all happens, a summary is given to us. Very helpful.

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