(I hope to never be this rude to someone by saying such a phrase.)

Context: I would like to use it as a caption for a piece of art for a game, where a character unlocks a type of weapon after a certain level. Insulted, he says, You call this toy an "X" weapon? The character thinks it's a toy due to how it looks, and is in disbelief as to why people call it X. (The X is a proper noun, usually written as katakana. The character has a strong skill with the same name, hence his confusion.)

It has the same tone as, You call that a date? (We just ate at McDonald's.) or You call this an essay? (It's hardly five sentences!)

From what I know, I would phrase it as, こんなおもちゃなんて、「X」というのか?

Is it natural? Does it mean what I think it means? Is there another way to express this type of sentence better?

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だと言うのか can be contracted to だってのか

These are some of the ways I would say it:







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