I’d like to make sure that I understood this correctly.


appears in Cave Story (洞窟物語) game. トロ子 calls this after the player enters her hideout. I’d suspect the word やんろー to be a version of 野郎, but I could not find any reference supporting this.

Can I consider it an emotionally flavored version of?


I found some occurrences of やんろー, やんろ, やんろう or even このやんろー, but none with a context that would help me. ヤンロー is apparently some kind of Chinese lamb meat dish.

Screenshot saying このやんろー!!

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Yes it seems to be a variant of やろー (野郎). You probably have seen randomly inserted between kana for emphasis (e.g. あっつい, きったねぇ, まっじで). I think ん in used instead here because ろ cannot be preceded by っ.


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