For example:



Could these sentences be used to ask other people to perform things above?


Answer is, no.

Following are not orders, not requests:

  • あなたは頑張るぞ (you)
  • あなたたちは頑張るぞ (you guys)
  • 彼は頑張るぞ (he)
  • 彼らは頑張るぞ (those guys)
  • みんなは頑張るぞ (everyone)
  • 私は寝るけどみんなは頑張るぞ (everyone except for me)

Following may be subjective:

  • 私たちは頑張るぞ (we)
  • みんなで頑張るぞ (us)

These are not orders, not requests, but has the nuance " let's 頑張る ". If your boss says 「みんなで頑張るぞ」 (let's do this together) you can consider that's an order or being voluntold.

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