I'm asked to complete the following sentence with the appropriate inflected form of the verb:


The book provided a translation: "Have you ever had a swim there?" This indicates experience as far as I can tell, so my answer is the following:


However, the book answer is 泳ぐ


I'm not sure what I'm missing. I thought the construction was ~たことがある

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~したことがある means "have done" with the focus on the thing at issue having happened in the past or having a certain experience.

~することがある means "occasionally/sometimes do", focusing instead on the action being a possible occurrence.

For the grammar point, see, for example, this and this.

そこで泳ぐことがありますか means "Do you swim there?" or more literally "Does it ever happen that you go there for a swim?" Since the English sentence is "Have you ever had a swim there?" You got it right. I think it should be そこで泳いだことがありますか

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    +1, I also believe 泳いだことがありますか is the correct answer.
    – naruto
    Oct 20, 2021 at 4:38

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