In the anime 『日常』Nichijou, the character Sakamoto (坂本) always uses 娘 to call (refer to) the girl robot character Shinonome Nano (東雲なの).

Is 娘 a good (or prefect) form of address to call or refer to a young girl in Japan in real life?


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As a simple noun, 娘 does mean "(young) girl" as well as "daughter". Basically this usage is bookish, and it's not used outside established set phrases (e.g., 看板娘) in casual speech.

But that is not to say it's okay to address someone using 娘 in real spoken Japanese. Only in fiction, someone who speaks in a pompous, dignified and/or old-fashioned manner (e.g., gods, prophets, landlords, samurai) may use 娘 to address a stranger girl.

Note that 息子 is always "son", never "boy".

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