I came across this sentence during my immersion: YOUさんに婿にしたいランキングぶっちぎりのビリという I don't get the meaning of にしたい in this case. Moreover, shouldn't it be YOUさんは since she's the agent of the quotation?

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  • Thanks for the translation, but why would you translate にしたい with “want to have”?
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In the video, I think Yama-chan says:

「YOUさんに、『婿にしたいランキングぶっちぎりのビリ』と言われた (or 言われて)...」

YOUさんに...言われた means "I was told by YOU-san" (i.e. "YOU-san told me").

婿にしたい literally means "want to make (someone) one's 婿".

[婿]{むこ} can mean either "husband / groom" or "son-in-law / daughter's husband or fiancé".

From the surrounding context in the video, Yama-chan got lost in a supermarket in Hawaii and YOU-san told him 「(山ちゃんは)婿にしたいランキングぶっちぎりのビリ(だ)」, "You're in the lowest position of the ranking list of people I would want to make my 婿 / want to choose as my 婿," because Yama-chan is too 頼りない(unreliable), compared to Tokui-san.

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