This article https://mainichi.jp/articles/20210920/k00/00m/040/036000c contains the quote


which I understand to mean

"The difficulties presented by your age are why it is impossible"

How does one parse this sentence? Like this?


難【なん】 (n,n-suf) difficulty; trouble; hardship



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年 by itself can mean old age. From goo辞書


なんだ is a form of なのだ, essentially the same as だ.

Thus 年なんだから無理 means Because (the woman is (too)) old, (her project is) impossible.


Sundowner's answer is good.

To build on that, I'd like to note that なのだ adds a sense of explanation that is missing from just だ. Whereas だ is basically just "[it] is", なのだ is perhaps closer to "it is because [it] is". This other post takes a deep dive into this structure in terms of grammar and meaning. This other (shorter) post contrasts the change in sense between です and (な)のです.

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