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I am confused with this, I am new to Japanese and I am still learning it, but isn't this supposed to mean "Tawapon Sanha?" ?, also why is the Sa symbol different from the usual symbol that is this "さ" and I know what Tawapon means I think it is a name but Sanha on the other hand, can anyone tell me what it means?


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I recommend plugging phrases like this into Jisho to help you get the breakdown of the characters.

さん written in hiragana is typically the standard honorific marker. It tells you that the katakana before it is a name and that can translate to "Mr. Tawapon" or "Ms. Tawapon".

は is a topic marker particle and it is pronounced like "wa" when used as a particle. It just indicates that Mr. Tawapon is the topic of your sentence, and since it ends with a question mark it's like saying "As for Mr. Tawapon?" This question could mean a lot of things so it's important to know the full context for a better translation.

As for the way さ is written, it's exactly the same as さ. It is just a different handwriting style, similar to how English has print and cursive style.

  • Thank you for giving me some explanation, I will take note of your advices.
    – Marcel
    Sep 23, 2021 at 2:07

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