Could you please explain to me which is the difference between 漢字辞典 and 漢和辞典?

For what I have understood, both dictionaries explain for a certain kanji its meaning and origin, and also tell its readings, the number and order of strokes, the words and 熟語 in which that kanji appears and so on, so I don't see the difference between both dictionaries.

Besides, I suppose that 漢字辞典 is used for looking information about kanji, but then, has 漢和辞典 an extra use? Is there something for what you should use a 漢和辞典 instead of a 漢字辞典?


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Wikipedia only has the entry for 漢和辞典. It says 漢字辞典 is an alternative name of 漢和辞典 for children:



This page has an explanation from a dictionary author:



So larger ones that contain rare words and words used only in kanbun are usually called 漢和辞典. High schoolers and serious researchers use them. As the second link above says, the original meaning of 漢和 is "Kanbun-to-Japanese", just as 英和 means "English-to-Japanese". It tends to sound more authentic and professional. On the other hand, the name 漢字辞典 is used alternatively for smaller ones for kanji beginners.

  • Thank you so much for your answer! It has helped me a lot to understand the difference between both names. :)
    – kanachan
    Aug 31, 2021 at 10:37

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