I was wondering how I would be able to redirect a question regarding me towards the asker. For example, if I was asked "夏休みに何をしましたか。”, and responded with, "中国に行きました。本当に楽しかったよ。”, how would I then ask the other person how their summer was? I wanted to find out if there was anything easier to say rather than repeating the entire question back to them.


In that context, I would say "あなたはどうでしたか?", which means "How was your summer vacation?".

"あなたはなにかしましたか?" also works, both means almost same but latter means "What did you do in your summer vacation?", so it's more closer to original question.


One simple way that you can ask the same of your conversation partner is by asking "Xは?" where X is an appropriate form of address for them.

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