I think im missing something in the genki books which i cant quite figure out, the exercise is to make suggestions using the cues. The cues include 'see a movie' 'play tennis' etc im stuck on 'study at the library'. I'm confused as study is both the verb and the object at least i think it is, i believe this is what im mistaken on.

Would it be としょかんでべんきょうしませんか

or would there be an object of the sentence before continuing with をべんきょうしませんか The vocabulary page says to use を with to study so i think this might be whats throwing me.

Thanks for any help.

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If you say

としょかんで べんきょうします

then you're saying,

I study at the library.

If you say

としょかんで べんきょうしません

You're saying, "I don't study at the library".

If you say

としょかんで べんきょうしませんか

you're asking a question which is more like an invitation,

How about studying at the library?

If you want to say something about what you study, you could say

としょんで すうがくを べんきょうします

which would be

I study math at the library.

It is possible to say

としょかんで べんきょうを します

with this approach if you want to say I study math at the library then you would need to say

としょかんで すうがくの べんきょうを します

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