I want to ask someone a question as to whether they want to do something.

Would you like to play Minecraft on the computer?

Would this be written as





Is there any difference between these two or is the second one just grammatically incorrect?

  • Though this is not the main part of the question, マインクラフトをあそぶ is not idiomatic. You can say マインクラフトをする.
    – aguijonazo
    Aug 7, 2021 at 15:16

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No, you cannot use it like this.

です is used after い-adjectives or な-adjectives or nouns, making it polite. The non-polite form would be だ or nothing for な-adj and nouns, or nothing at all for い-adj.

The ましょう construct in question is one of the conjugations of Japanese verbs, namely the volitional form in its polite version. The non-polite volitional form would be simply *おう.

です can NEVER go with verbs.


Polite: 僕は学生です Non-polite: 僕は学生 / 僕は学生だ
Polite: 風が強いです Non-polite: 風が強い 
Polite: 歌を歌いましょう!学校に行きましょう! Non-polite: 歌を歌おう!学校に行こう!

The following is wrong:

歌を歌いましょうです! or  歌を歌おうです!

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