In Mega Man Zero 4, one of my favorite games, when the boss Sol Titanion uses her Red Flame Fans attack, she shouts "Mitai na!", as you can see here at 4:30 (https://youtu.be/i7O6F3LOqM0?t=270). In the English Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works, which translated the boss quotes of the series, it was translated as "Like, totally!", which is a common filler American English phrase.

I know that "みたいな" (Mitai na) can be used the way the English word "like" is when comparing things by appearance. "The long-haired, unshaven criminal looked like a barbarian" for example. But now I'm wondering if it can also be used the way "like" is in English as a filler word in slangy speech? "That movie was, like, totally lame!"


This みたいな is known as a slangy phrase used by stereotypical ギャル around the 90s. Basically it is used at the end of a sentence to add a mood of "kinda", "maybe" or "something like that", but it is sometimes used almost meaninglessly, too:

  • 学校休んじゃったーみたいなー。
  • チョー楽しかったみたいなー!

This boss uses it as if it's an independent interjection, but this is because she is depicted as a heavily exaggerated ギャル. Normally, you cannot start a sentence with みたいな or use みたいな as a meaningless filler.

Typical filler words used by ギャル include てゆっか and なんか.

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