I have been looking into the negative form of progressive in japanese.

Sites such as japaneseverbconjugator don't give a conjugation for both of those if they are not in the polite form, which makes me wonder if they exist at all.

In short, in a neutral tone, is it ok to say :

  • I am not eating : 食べていない ?

  • I was not eating : 食べていなかった ?

  • he doesn't want a horse : 彼は馬を欲しがっていない ?

  • he didn't want a horse : 彼は馬を欲しがっていなかった ?

I hope my question makes sense. Thanks a lot for your help !



  • So this page has weird blanks in the cells where 食べていない and 食べていなかった are expected. I think this is just a bug on their side.
    – naruto
    Aug 2 '21 at 2:54

Yes, these sentences are all grammatical and make perfect sense. The number of possible "stacked" conjugations is very large (see this for an example), so websites cannot show them all.

  • Thank you ! It was indeed my guess that they were just not written, but as a beginner it is always hard to really make sure what you think is actually correct. Thank you also for the precious resources !
    – Wignam
    Aug 2 '21 at 12:11

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