I was wondering about the reading of 糞社会 in the graffiti in this image:


There does not seem to be an easy way to know, as the Wikipedia page tells us:

In modern Japanese, rendaku is common but at times unpredictable, with certain words unaffected by it.


This is くそしゃかい.

Rendaku is never applied to 社会. 社会 is a kango (Chinese-origin on-reading word), which normally resists rendaku. See: Rules or criteria for 連濁: Voiced or unvoiced syllables in compound words

Besides, the reading of this 糞 is くそ, not ふん. くそ is a derogatory word analogous to English "shit(ty)" or "crap(py)". 糞 read as ふん is more of a technical term meaning "feces (of animal/insect)".

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