In the novel I'm currently reading I have seen it used a couple of times.

The context around it was:

  1. How can a high school girl let out such strange shriek.
  2. Or a girl shouldn't let out such a weird voice.

So I'm confused about what it means and why it is strange.

Instance 1:

放課後、隣を歩く凛香ちゃんがおもむろにそんなことを言うものだから、私は「どっ」と、女子高生にあるまじき声をあげてしまった。 遅れて 「カレシ」の3文字が耳の中に蘇って、顔が熱くなる。

Instance 2:

「写真、1枚ぐらいあるでしょ? 見せてよ」 「どっ」 また変な声が出た。 私は女子高生、私は女子高生・・・・・・ 「そ、それはちょっと恥ずかしいんですけどー......」

Novel 塩対応の佐藤さんが俺にだけ甘い pages 137 and 139 respectively (from the beginning of chapter 3 after the first ♠️).

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    Please read this and provide more context in original Japanese.
    – naruto
    Jul 4 at 7:08
  • 1
    What happened before the first passage? Jul 4 at 14:39
  • It sounds strange coming from anyone, not only from a high school girl, though.
    – aguijonazo
    Jul 4 at 14:50

This is not an independent word, but either a part of どうして/どういうこと ("Wha...!") or just a meaningless scream ("Argh!", "Oh").

(どっ is not a usual interjection used in a situation like this, but a fictional character can have an idiosyncratic way of being surprised...)


It seems to be just onomatopoeia. If it means something, the closest I can think of is WHAT?!.

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