I struggle to understand the nuance of ご苦労なこって part in the One Piece panel below.

enter image description here

なこって is short for なことで right?

I checked the English translation, it reads "No thank you." So, can I understand ご苦労なこって as "I appreciate your offer but... (I refuse)."

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Yes, こって is a corrupted form of ことで. It's rarely used in reality, and it usually has a scornful overtone in fiction, like in this scene.

This ご苦労なこって may look like an appreciation, but it actually is a sarcasm. It's like "What a (pointless) effort" or "You're working hard for nothing". Zoro is saying Luffy is putting effort to something meaningless.

EDIT: Here are other typical examples of こって:

  • のんきなこって。
    Ha, [you] are so easygoing (though you shouldn't be).
  • 幸せそうなこって。
    [He] seems so happy (though it's not enviable).

This type of こって is interchangeable with こった (modal-ta).

  • I see, it's a kind of set phrase. Thanks again!
    – Ray Siplao
    Jun 30, 2021 at 8:30

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