Why is the kanji 床 (floor) used to talk about a barbershop?

According to some answers in the post linked in the comments, here's two possible explanations.

  1. Originally barbershop had tatamis (this isn't really thorough, many places had tatamis).
  2. Quoting: "There was a barbershop in the Edo period that had a tokonoma; people referred to it as 「床の間のある店」(the shop with the tokonoma)". This is also a possible explanation.

Maybe an expert in history and linguistics can pinpoint references of the origin of this word?

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Origin of the word 床屋?
Why is the kanji 床 (floor) used to talk about a barbershop?

According to 語源由来辞典:


髪結い used to work at mobile stores, or at stores separate from their home. And these kinds of stores were called [床店]{とこみせ} because they had simple [床]{とこ} (bed/bedding).

(床 can mean [床]{ゆか} "floor" and also [床]{とこ} "bed/bedding".)

デジタル大辞泉 also says:

とこ‐や【床屋】 の解説
《江戸時代、髪結いが床店 (とこみせ) で仕事をしていたところから》髪結い床。また、理髪店。

It was called [床屋]{とこや} because 髪結い worked at [床店]{とこみせ}. And according to the dictionary:

とこ‐みせ【床店/床見世】 の解説

[床店]{とこみせ} is a store that's used only for business and no one lives in, or a small mobile store, stall or booth.

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