It is said by an adult man to a young man.

おれっちのみたこと あの子も かなーりの盗賊のうでを持っていそうだったぜ。 まあ あの子に負けねぇおとこにはならんとな

In my understanding, the word 「ならんとな」 consists of 「ならない」, which means 'not become', and particle 「とな」to emphasize his statement.

However, when I tried to translate the later sentence, it turned out like this.

Well, you should not become a man who does not lose to that kid.

 , which I think it looks opposite to my sense.


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It's a little bit of a tricky word. A proper translation would be:

From what I've seen, he/she seems to be a pretty good bandit too. Well, I (or you)'ll have to be as good as him/her.

ならんとな is a corrupted form of "ならないと(いけない/だめだ)な".

So (if I'm understanding right) both of your ideas are (sadly) wrong.

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