I'm reading a manga in which a character says, 「って稀!」 in response to another character doing something unusual. I understand that 稀 can be translated as "rare," "unusual," etc. However, the character being spoken to in this case is named 希 (reading: のぞみ), which is almost the same as 稀 (and indeed, can share the same reading/meaning).

Is this meant to be understood as a pun, or is it just a coincidence that arises from natural speech?

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    What's the name of 希 in kana? まれ? のぞみ?
    – naruto
    Jun 22 '21 at 5:51
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    @naruto In this case it's のぞみ, edited the question to clarify!
    – Nozoomy
    Jun 22 '21 at 5:54
  • Can you tell me more about it? For example, what is the relationship between のぞみ and the character who uses this word?
    – Skye-AT
    Jun 22 '21 at 6:34

From what I can see, I don't think this is a pun. To begin with, the character's name is not まれ but のぞみ. 希 is rarely read as まれ in modern standard Japanese.

Still, 稀 is a relatively bookish word, and ordinary speakers wouldn't say "って稀!" to mean something like "That's rare!" in speech. With more context, I may be able to say something more. Either way, the chances of it being a pun are slim to none.

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