I was watching a video about Hana Kimura's suicide. I was scrolling through the comments and I saw this comment:


For reference, the two commentators were having an argument about one's validity of being Japanese and the nature of how toxic Japanese culture can be whilst in English, but one of them pulls out this unsightly sentence neither my mother nor I, can make tails of what it actually means.

My mother said this:

"次は私も意味不明  オケって何? I hate myself for someone have been looking for bad reputation. And I knew it. That's why I hate myself. かな?" わかりません

Both of us are lost on what 'オケ' is even supposed to be. I'm even more lost on how they even got to this "私は私が嫌いな私は彼ら"

(Just to clarify, my mother is Japanese.)

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    We might know what it means if we can somehow determine what language this sentence was machine-translated from.
    – aguijonazo
    Jun 1 at 23:44
  • Just kind of shooting around but I think Ive got the first part. オケ being "okay," "Please dont say bad things about what, In my country, we have deemed okay." (perhaps like culturally accepted things that may seem odd to other countries, e.g. eating horses) As for the second paragraph, yeah this seems to be quite bizzare of a sentence and perhaps it is machine translated but if I were to make a shot in the dark its something like "Your just going around looking for bad things to say about western countries for the sake of finding bad things to say."
    – Lucas
    Jun 2 at 4:07
  • @UwU was the question written with the impression that this was a native Japanese speaker?
    – Leebo
    Jun 2 at 6:47
  • No, it was written with the idea 'wtf is this dude even trying to say with this broken Japanese?"
    – UwU
    Jun 2 at 11:49
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    Okay... Just wondering what there is to be gleaned from a non-native's broken Japanese.
    – Leebo
    Jun 2 at 12:40