I have a question about 懐かしい. I see it translated as "nostalgic", but i seem to understand it would be closer to "(something) that makes you feel nostalgic".

My question is : can 懐かしい be used to describe my state of mind as in :

懐かしいです - i feel nostalgic ?

Or can it only be used to describe an object, period or event that makes you feel nostalgic ?

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for your help !

  • Yes, you can. You can use the adjective 懐かしい quite flexibly. – user48754 May 25 at 11:01

Yes, the subject of the 懐かしい adjective is the thing that's considered to be nostalgic. In other words, the sensory input (or memory/thought/etc) that ellicits the nostalgia.

However, if you want to emphasize the state of mind (i.e., the feeling) of nostalgia, you can do so by combining 懐かしい with 気持ち. For example:


  • Got it ! Thanks for your help – Wignam May 25 at 17:14

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