I'm watching a YouTube video that helps learn Japanese through Mario RPG found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRBRLmhFy-4

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I think Bowser is saying something like "I hate how you always interfere!"

There's 2 parts to this question.

Part 1: About よって! I can't figure out what this is. Is it an alternate meaning of よる or something?

Part 2: If you look up near the top left the at ん=ない the equals sign is a standard =. But if you look at the one below with よって!=やがって!, it has 2 small dots on top of and below the = sign. I'm not sure if this means 'similar to' or something else. I did find the definition of やがって on Jisho but I'm wanting to know more about よって.

Thank you!


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This よって is the te-form of よる, which is an auxiliary verb that expresses disdain. Compared to やがる, よる sounds relatively old or dialectal. See this and this.

The te-form is sometimes used with an irritating voice to point out someone's bad or surprising behavior (I could not find the relevant definition in monolingual dictionaries). For example, a mom may say "またこんなに散らかして!" ("You've made such a mess of the room again!") to her child.

≒ is a math symbol that means "approximately equals". This is very common in Japan, but other symbols including ∼, ≃, and ≈ are used outside Japan. See this Wikipedia article.

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