I don't understand the right use of 迷う, what is the difference between these different options :

  • 森で迷う
  • 森に迷う
  • 道に迷う
  • 森で道に迷う

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When 迷う is used with に, what comes before it usually refers to something you are undecided about, such as 判断 (judgement) and 去就 (course of action), not a place. 道 in 道に迷う should be understood as “direction”, or a judgment about which way to go, not a concrete road or street.

When you get lost in a particular place, で should be used. If you get lost in a particular street, you might say 道で迷う just like you say 駅で迷う when you get lost at a station. 森で道に迷う means you get lost in a forest. 森で迷う basically means the same.

で can also be used to limit the scope of things between which you are undecided. ケーキを食べるかどうかで迷ってる and 拒否と受容の間で迷う in this question can be seen as examples of this usage.

森に迷う is not commonly used in the sense of getting lost in a forest. It has a literary sound to it.

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