Had the thought while chatting online about whether there is a counter for barks from a dog or possibly one for distinct sounds in general.

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You could say ひと[吠]{ほ}え and ふた吠え in the case of a dog’s barking. 吠え is a noun form of the verb 吠える (“to bark”). I cannot think of any realistic scenario where I would keep counting a dog’s barks beyond two, or maybe three, using this counter, though. I would most likely say:


More generally, if the sounds come from an animal, you could use [声]{こえ}. In fact, there is this phrase, 鶴の一声. But again, it is practically never used beyond two or three.

There is also 〜[鳴]{な}き for sounds coming from certain animals, including birds and insects (e.g. cicadas). 鳴き is a noun form of the verb 鳴く.

I cannot think of any counter for sounds that come from other sources than animals.

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