I'm not sure how to make sense of this section of text. Either it says that buses were considered for use but ultimately left without stranded passengers, OR that sightseeing buses were used and loaded up with stranded passengers who were taken to stay at hotels.



My attempts at making sense of this:

At one point, using sightseeing buses were considered to evacuate stuck people to hotels, but ultimately were not used, and left.


At one point, sightseeing buses were used/implemented to evacuate stuck people to hotels. (and therefore departed with the stranded people)


Your first guess is correct, and the sentence means:

At one point using sightseeing buses to evacuate stranded people to hotels was considered, but ultimately abandoned, and the buses left.

The title of the video says 立往生解消 and the reporter says おとといから続いていました立ち往生、つい先ほど1時間ほど前にすべて解消されたということなんです, so the buses left without stranded passengers an hour before. The 案 of using buses was 一時は検討された, but not implemented after all.


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