3 characters talking with each other after being transferred into a strange world:

C1: そっちで勝手に話を進めないでほしいものね。こちらは訳も分からないまま巻き込まれた形なのだけれど? (I want you to stop doing things arbitrarily. Even I've been involved in this for no reason too you know?)

C2: いやだってあんなところで突っ立ってるから (No, it's because you were just standing there, it's not our fault)

C3: ぼさっと突っ立ってる方が悪い (It's your mistake for standing there in a daze)

C1: ...どうやら斬るべき敵はまだ残っていたようね。 (Looks like there are still some enemies left for me to kill here)


I don't understand the last sentence, especially 妙に調子もいいし here. Please help me interpret this line.

  • 妙に: "strangely", "oddly", "weirdly"
  • 調子がいい: "in good condition"
  • も: ("among other reasons")
  • し: nonexhaustive reason marker

So C1 is saying she is feeling stronger/better than usual but she does not know why. Since this is an isekai story, this 妙に is may be a foreshadowing. Maybe this world is giving her power, for example.

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