The sentence is this one:


I kinda understand the connotation that のか has in some sentences, but I just don't understand it in this particular one.

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In this sentence, のか means that the speaker is guessing at a cause. To translate the sentence, "Perhaps reacting to the sound, I heard a voice." Kind of a gross translation, but essentially the speaker is guessing that the voice they hear is from someone vocalizing in reaction to the referenced sound.


If you don’t know whether or not whatever uttered the voice did so in response to the sound, you might say:


If you suspect it did, you might say:


のか in your sentence should be understood along these lines.

In fact, he could have as well said:




You wouldn’t be terribly mistaken if you thought of その音に反応したのか as a shorter conjunctional form of this.

Maybe I should add that this conjunction is a causal one, although the speaker is not completely sure about the cause.

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