The definitions for「表現」and「感じるもの」seem to take on different meanings in different sentences, I can't find which definitions are appropriate for this phrase, or if the phrase means something completely different entirely.



My translation attempt (may be completely wrong):

With this Legend of Zelda, uhm, Nintendo has always made things that have never existed in the world before, and has done things that have never been done before, so, um ... we are drawing from ideas from the same Zelda of 10 years ago, and creating a mystery-solving adventure game that uses wisdom and action, but, after all, the expressions and feelings there that we came up with to use in this game is absolutely something that has never been done before.

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I think they basically refer to the same thing ("gaming experience") described from two different standpoints. Seen from the creators, it's 表現, but seen from the players, it's 感じるもの. The idea is "what we express or what players feel".

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