context is You (MC-as Kensuke in this dialogue) is speaking with 2 subordinate of a general /shogun (一葉 Kazuha) about her strange behavior recently (Hifumi and Koi)They're secretly following Kazuha and her subordinate (幽) Yuu



Kensuke : 俺がいない時の一葉って、どんな感じなの?

Koi: 私たちが京にいる間だけの話ですが……剣丞さまがいらっしゃる時と変わらないと思いますよ。剣丞さまの所が双葉さまか、久遠さまに変わるだけで

Kensuke:で、幽が引っ張っていくオチか >> This is the part I don't understand ( my guess is "So she (Yuu) is the one who's pulling the punchline ?>)

Hifumi: まあ、公方さまにあそこまで出来る方なんてそうそういないだろうしね

If you can please show me your English TL at the part I don't understand thanks .I don't know my guess about the punch line is correct or not

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This オチ is "(unfavorable but easily expected) outcome" rather than "punchline". In particular, ~のがオチだ is a common set phrase that means "Surely it'll end up (something bad)" or "(Something bad) is all you can expect". See the second definition here, and the following monolingual dictionary definition.


3 行き着くところ。結末。



So, the result is that Yū takes the lead, huh?
And it (always) ends up with Yū taking the lead, huh?

(I'm not 100% certain about the meaning of this 引っ張る, so please change that part according to the context. It could mean "to (physically) drag her out" or something.)

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