I'm reading about a Japanese book approaching linguistics and translation through the lens of "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. A sentence in the press release announcing the book reads:

The second part reads through "The Little Prince", one language per chapter, covering an outline of 28 languages.

The part I'm unsure about is how to interpret 1言語1章ずつ -- does this necessarily imply that each chapter of The Little Prince is translated into a different language? Or is each chapter a complete translation of the work into each of the 28 languages? Or is it ambiguous?


I think it means each chapter of the story is translated into a different language, because of:



So I think it would be something like 英語で『星の王子さま』の第1章を読み、ドイツ語で『星の王子さま』の第2章を読み...

  • 『星の王子さま』の原作って、27章までですかね? – Chocolate Apr 12 at 1:17

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