The scene is I'm a totally knightly dude trying to save the world and all that and I walk into a shop. The shopkeeper says to me: ここは ぶきとぼうぐの みせです (This is the weapon & armor shop.) The game is old so no kanji in this one.

The next thing they say to me is: ごようは どちらです?

Then I have 2 options I can pick:

ものを かう (buy thing)
ものを うる (sell thing)

I'm not certain what the ごようは どちらです? line means. My guess would be something like "Which do you desire?" I'm not sure though. The ご I think is just to be honorific and the よう is desire?

Edit Thank you for the answer Jimmy. I marked this as answered. That sounds much more accurate than what I had. I'll add this to my study rotation. Thanks again!

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I believe ごよう in this context is 御用. It means "business" or "errand".

So「ごようは どちらです」means "what is your business?" or more literally, "your business, which one is it?"

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