I know that when ~上{じょう} is attached to nouns, it will mean something among lines of

From the viewpoint of; for (the sake of); for (the reason); in (terms of); relating to; in –ing

according to DoIJG. But, can ~上{じょう} vs ~の上{うえ} used interchangeably with no difference in meaning? The example sentences in the dictionary entry for ~上 didn't include ~の上.

I found this example sentence from goo.ne.jp.


They disagreed about their work.

If I replace ~の上 with ~上,


does the meaning of this sentence change or it remains the same?

The reason I'm asking this question is sometimes I am not sure if it is always appropriate to apply the meaning of ~上{じょう} to ~の上{うえ}. For example, from One Piece chapter 1,


Based on my understanding, 酒の上のケンカ means "fight relating to drinks" or "fight about drinks." This is true if I apply the meaning of ~上{じょう} to ~の上{うえ}. I wonder if my intuition is correct here.

Is there any difference between ~上{じょう} and ~の上{うえ}?

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There are cases where のうえ and じょう are interchangeable (eg 制度の上では and 制度上は), but うえ has a lot of other meanings.

酒の上のケンカ means the same thing as 飲酒の上でのケンカ, or fight under the influence of alcohol. It's not about fight about alcohol. ~の上 can mean "after ~", "as a result of ~", "have already done ~". It takes some word of prerequisite/preparation.

  • よく考えた上で結論を出した。
    I thought it over before making a conclusion.
  • 死を覚悟の上での戦い
    battle to the death (lit. "battle after mentally preparing for death")
  • それは承知の上だ。
    I'm already aware of that.

In this case, の上【うえ】 is not interchangeable with 上【じょう】.

  • I see, thanks. I can understand 飲酒の上でのケンカ literally as "fight after drinking." で in 飲酒の上でのケンカ can be interpreted as a scope marker, right? When ~の上 means "about/regarding" as in 仕事の上の意見の対立だった?
    – Jimmy Yang
    Apr 4, 2021 at 4:17
  • @JimmyYang 仕事の上での is the same as 仕事上の but I'm afraid I cannot explain when it means which...
    – naruto
    Apr 4, 2021 at 4:24

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