I remember using a word that means "as (a role/identity)", roughly synonymous with 「として」. It was a word/phrase that I learned from writings that I had seen occasionally and adopted in my own language. But I can't seem to recall what it was. Examples: "as an American," "as a math teacher," "as a newcomer".

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    not sure it's what you are looking for, but what about ~的に? – jarmanso7 Apr 1 at 21:30
  • ~の立場で or ~の役割で maybe? (or ~という立場/役割で(は)?) None of these are quite as versatile as として though. – Will Apr 2 at 12:06
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    Doesn't ring any bells (except として). Do you remember a typical context (sentence) where it's used? – broken laptop Apr 3 at 14:51
  • @brokenlaptop Found it 「~たる~」でした... – Eddie Kal May 2 at 4:36

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