Full context: The MC is talking with a detective who pretended to accused MC as the murderer to the police — put him in jail to trick the real culprit — and then helped him escape from prison.

D1: ボクだっていつも自分の思い通りになるわけじゃない。いや、大体目論見の半分ぐらいが成功したらいいかなって。そういうつもりで動いているんだ。最初から。

MC: それを言われると身も蓋もないというか…

If you can please provide English translation for the sentence I don't understand

My TL "And regarding to what you did ...How should I put this, you did everything as I told from getting in jail according to my plan ,to contact with Oscar to get info... and then jail-break..


1から10まで is a set phrase that means "everything", "from beginning to end" or "from A to Z". It's synonymous with 何から何まで. We also say 1から100まで. 目論見 is "plot/plan/scheme", not "instruction".

But when it comes to your case...how can I put this?

You went to jail, contacted Oscar, and escaped, exactly as I expected/planned from beginning to end...

(Since you're so eerily predictable) I even suspected you actually have seen through all my intentions, but it was not like that at all.

  • I think MC is not predictable ,he believed everything which the detective had told him (anonymously through a letter) and then proceeds to do those things when he was still in prison
    – 4chan user
    Mar 31 at 18:14
  • 1
    @4chanuser Then "gullible" rather than "predictable". Anyway, the detective was not expecting MC would believe everything.
    – naruto
    Mar 31 at 18:17
  • yeah he is like naruto lol ," I will believe in you though I don't know you or this situation is a trap or not .And I will help you no matter what"
    – 4chan user
    Mar 31 at 18:20

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