In Miffy - 日本語 あめの ひの わすれもの! at around 5:14

Miffy with her family planned to go to the beach and before they started play, Uncle said:


Weblio辞書 says:


But it's not used by women or children here, but by uncle, what does 「ものさ」 mean here?


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Unfortunately you are looking at a wrong definition.

I suppose you are referring to this one under the 終助詞 (final particle) section in the entry:


But the correct one is under 名詞 (noun) which is way below:


So the basic construction is the following.

I used to build castles for fun.

And it seems to be rarely taught, but there are final particles that hides the copula だ and those not. さ is the former, that's why you don't see だ in that sentence.

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