I found this sentence:


The sealife poaching group consisted of 12 men in their 20s to 40s.


Since I can read better than speak, I was wondering how to read the ~, so I looked it up here


and I found

To indicate ranges (5時〜6時, from 5 o'clock to 6 o'clock; 東京〜大阪 Tokyo to Osaka). In such cases it may be read as ...kara...made (...から...まで)

Does that mean the reading sounds like this

みつりょうグループはにじゅう から よんじゅう まで だいのおとこじゅうに にん

or is it

みつりょうグループはにじゅう から よんじゅうだい まで のおとこじゅうに にん

or possibly even

みつりょうグループはにじゅうだい から よんじゅうだい まで のおとこじゅうに にん

  • Your last two attempts are correct. にじゅうからよんじゅうまでだい sounds strange.
    – naruto
    Feb 24 at 4:35

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