I understand that きる means to do something completely but I do not understand in the context. Does 言いきれる mean: I can say with confidence ?

「Bクラスに知り合いは?」 「いるよ。仲良くなったって言いきれるのはまだ数人だけど

“Do you know anyone in Class B?” “I do. I’ve only gotten to know a few people, though,”

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    You pretty much guessed it. "I can confidently say..." "It's safe to say..." – Eddie Kal Feb 23 at 6:49

Yes, 言い切る means "to say firmly" or "to say with confidence". It sometimes means "to say until the end", too. 仲良くなる is closer to "to make friends with" rather than "to get to know".


I do. There are only a few people that I can (safely) say I made friends with, though.

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